Posted: July 15, 2010

Russian Nanotechnology Corp. and Russian Academy of Sciences Establish Technology Transfer Center

(Nanowerk News) Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, RUSNANO, and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) have jointly established Center for Technology Transfer (CTT). The project is implemented under a cooperation agreement between RUSNANO and RAS.
The mission of the Centre is to commercialize knowledge and technology developed by the research institutes of RAS. Projects developed in the Center can apply for RUSNANO's co-financing, as well as to seed and venture capital funds.
"We need to make the results of research understandable to the business and attractive for investment. This is what the Center for Technology Transfer will deal with," says Evgeny Evdokimov, Managing Director for Infrastructure Projects at RUSNANO.
The staff of the Centre with the help of external experts will provide scientific and technical expertise to evaluate the commercial attractiveness of the technology. The projects that pass the initial selection, will be refined with the business component, including the intellectual property protection, development of business models, marketing and business plans.
Another important function of the Center for Technology Transfer is monitoring the environment to find technological trends and challenges, as well as analysing industrial road maps. In the future, the Centre will evaluate capacities of the of RAS institutes in solving technology problems and creating the necessary products and technologies to meet market needs.
The Center for Technology Transfer is established as a nonprofit partnership between RUSNANO and the RAS. The total budget of the project is 65.4 million rubles of which RUSNANO will fund 34.94 million rubles.
The Russian Academy of Sciences was established pursuant to the order of the Emperor Peter I by the Decree of the Ruling Senate dated January 28 (February 8), 1724. The Academy was reinstated by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated November 21, 1991 as the supreme scientific institution of Russia.
The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is a civil self-governed non-commercial organization (institution). The Russian Academy of Sciences functions in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Academy Charter. The Russian Academy of Sciences is the legal successor of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR within the territory of the Russian Federation.
Principal aim of the Russian Academy of Sciences consists in organization and performance of fundamental researches for the purpose of obtaining further knowledge of the natural, social and human development principles that promote technological, economic, social and cultural development in Russia.
Source: Rusnano
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