Posted: July 19, 2010

Nova Introduces Fourth Generation NovaMARS Optical CD Application Development Solution

(Nanowerk News) Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. provider of leading edge stand-alone metrology and the market leader of integrated metrology solutions to the semiconductor process control market, today introduced its fourth generation NovaMARS optical CD application development solution. Nova MARS 4.0 provides a solution for semiconductor manufacturers developing advanced technology of 22nm and below who are faced with a need to visualize complex 3D structures by non-destructive and highly accurate metrology. The new NovaMARS 4.0 provides greater details of the 3D structure, allows shorter time-to-solution and measures with higher accuracy and sensitivity than before. The new release, deployed on the state-of-the-art Nova T500 stand-alone optical CD tool, demonstrated more than 50 times reduction in library calculation time and generated library sizes that are more than 100 times smaller on advanced applications such as logic FinFET, Flash bit-lines and Copper interconnect lines.
Dr. Boaz Brill, Nova's Chief Technology Officer, said: "NovaMARS was the first application development tool to introduce full 3D modeling capabilities. Today, 3D structures are commonly used as test vehicles, and in-die measurements are becoming a reality. The fourth generation of NovaMARS enables new levels of information to be extracted from the structure, faster than ever before. With this technology, we foresee increased deployment of our Optical CD solutions in research and development of advanced technology nodes both at foundry and memory manufacturers."
NovaMARS 4.0 uses an innovative compact library design that enables measurement of more parameters of the complex structure while reducing the size of the library by orders of magnitude. Novel interpretation algorithms boost sensitivity by increasing the amount of spectral information attained during measurement. An improved calculation engine reduces real time regression and library generation time. A new high power computing architecture powered by the latest Microsoft Windows HPC platform provide seamless computing power distribution and multi-user management.
About Nova
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. develops, produces and markets advanced integrated and stand alone metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Nova is traded on the NASDAQ & TASE under the symbol NVMI.
Source: Nova Measuring Instruments (press release)
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