Posted: July 20, 2010

Innovnano Launches New Grades of Nano-Zirconia to Obtain Zirconia Coatings by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

(Nanowerk News) INNOVNANO has launched new grades of nano Zirconia YSZ (ZrO2-3% mol Y2O3) and nano Zirconia Alumina (ZTA) used to obtain Zirconia coatings by atmospheric plasma spraying (APS).
Both powder and coatings are characterized by scanning electron microscopy (both SEM and FESEM) to show that nanostructure can be found on coating, even in areas melted and solidified during spray process. Coating micro hardness (HVN) and bonding strength of the coating (ASTM C633) have been determined, showing significant improvement compared with traditional micro structured coatings.
INNOVNANO offers a complete diverse nano metal oxide product range available, including several different Zirconia products (nano Zirconia and ZTA). INNOVNANO's position in nanomaterials technologies is based on years of experience and extensive R&D efforts. This includes optimization of our unique and innovative high pressure process through new automation and product quality control, as well as the development of new tailor-made Zirconia to your specific requirements.
Source: INNOVNANO (press release)
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