Posted: July 27, 2010

ENN Solar Energy Will Continue to Advance Silicon-Based Thin Film Solar Cell Technology

(Nanowerk News) ENN Solar Energy Co., Ltd., a leading clean energy company based in China, with research and development facilities in both Hebei, China and Silicon Valley, the U.S., announced that it will continue to advance silicon-based thin film solar cell technology.
Mr. Hongqiu Cai, CEO of ENN Solar Energy Co., Ltd., stated, "We will give full play to our advantages, vigorously develop integrated applications with thin film technology, and provide more competitive solar products and services."
On July 21, Applied Materials, Inc. announced to restructure its Energy and Environmental Solutions (EES) segment, and to discontinue sales to new customers of its SunFab(TM) fully-integrated lines for manufacturing thin film solar panels but will offer individual tools for sale to thin film solar manufactures. Applied Materials will continue to support existing SunFab customers with services, upgrades and capacity increases. Meanwhile, R&D efforts to improve thin film panel efficiency and high-productivity deposition will continue.
ENN Solar Energy Co., Ltd. has a SunFab production line from Applied Materials, which completed acceptance in 2009, and since then has been in volume production with products that meet customers' needs. ENN's technical team has fully mastered all of the manufacturing process of SunFab production line. Many innovations have been made during the past two years and some breakthroughs have already been implemented.
"The ENN team are confident and have the ability to continue optimizing the manufacturing process, improving conversion efficiency and reducing manufacturing expense. ENN will maintain good relations with Applied Materials," said Mr. Cai.
ENN Solar Energy is a key component in ENN Group's renewable energy business, and an important support for ENN Group to become a clean energy solution provider.
"In the future, ENN Solar Energy will devote more to providing high performance products and system integration service to our customers, and will achieve sustainable development," concluded Mr. Cai.
Source: ENN Solar Energy (press release)
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