Posted: July 28, 2010

Protochips Announces Poseidon, a Revolutionary In Situ Liquid Solution for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

(Nanowerk News) Protochips, a company specializing in revolutionary products for in situ electron microscopy, today announced the Poseidon™ solution for in situ characterization of materials in liquid directly within the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Poseidon™ allows scientists and engineers to image both materials and biological samples that are self-contained within a fully hydrated environment, effectively creating the native environment of a sample directly within the TEM. Samples and processes that previously required freezing or were unable to be imaged live or in their operating environment can now be studied directly in their native liquid environment while observing in real time.
Leveraging off the Protochips E-Chip™ consumable technology for sample supports, Poseidon™ is an in situ solution that allows scientists and engineers the ultimate in performance and flexibility for liquid in situ electron microscopy. By choosing from the Poseidon™ family of E-Chip™ consumables, users can configure their liquid environment on a per-experiment basis, including volume and flow path, to address the needs of their particular experiment and sample. By allowing users to configure Poseidon™ though their choice of E-Chips™, the highest resolutions in liquid are possible, with nanoscale resolution through several microns of liquid already demonstrated. This makes Poseidon the perfect choice for applications including cells and cellular processes, gels and soft materials, nanoparticle dispersions, batteries, catalysts, mixing and other fully hydrated samples and phenomena. Poseidon™ is a self-contained TEM holder with external components that does not require any modification to existing TEMs. This makes Poseidon™ a perfect solution for new and existing electron microscopes.
"Two of the most important features the in situ market has requested are flexibility and ease of use. No two samples are identical, and the Poseidon™ solution offers an unprecedented set of features, performance and flexibility needed to finally make in situ liquid microscopy a viable commercial solution," stated David Nackashi, CEO of Protochips, Inc.
The Poseidon™ solution is available for order immediately, and will be publicly displayed at the Microscopy and Microanaysis conference in Portland, Oregon, August 1st - 5th, Protochips Booth #865.
About Protochips
Protochips, located in Raleigh, NC, is a company providing revolutionary products and technologies for the in situ electron microscopy market for more than seven years. Through their innovative E-Chip™ consumable technology, Protochips is fundamentally changing the way in situ microscopy is performed. The E-Chip™ platform is the engine that drives the Protochips Aduro™ in situ solution, providing temperature and electrical in situ capabilities. Now through Poseidon™, Protochips is adding yet another dimension in advanced, flexible and easy-to-use in situ electron microscopy.
Source: Protochips (press release)
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