Posted: July 30, 2010

SII NanoTechnology Launches a Website with X-ray and XRF Product Solutions

(Nanowerk News) SII NanoTechnology USA Inc. (SIINT) will be debuting a redesigned company website, >, to assist current and potential customers in choosing the best X-ray detector and spectrometric systems for their companies. The website redesign will enhance the user experience while incorporating more information on X-ray and XRF solutions as well as a blog.
"SII NanoTechnology USA prides itself on developing state-of-the-art equipment for applications such as X-ray spectrometry and X-ray fluorescence measurements," says Gordon Myers, SIINT Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our new website will clearly showcase what our company has been doing in the nanotechnology industry and the kinds of measurement and analysis solutions we provide."
SIINT USA is an instrument development and research company committed to creating simple, cost-effective and innovative X-ray and XRF solutions for clients such as Seiko, Canon and Sony. SII NanoTechnology USA focuses on industries including Electronics, Environmental, Semiconductor and Forensic. The company's product lineup includes X-ray detectors, XRF Elemental Analysis and XRF Coating Thickness Testers.
SIINT's new website design will be more user-centered, improving online experience. Information on nanotechnology, X-ray detectors and spectrometric systems will be defined and easily accessible using the redesigned site navigation. SII NanoTechnology's revised Products page will showcase the company's wide array of silicon drift X-ray detector spectrometers, element analysis monitors and fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge monitors. The new nanotechnology website will provide a summary of available product applications such as contaminant and lead testing, solar panel and fuel cell testing and hi-rel electronics analysis.
SII NanoTechnology USA plans to incorporate a company blog to its website. The SIINT blog hopes to offer recent industry news, company highlights and technology updates. From X-ray processes to XRF spectrometry, SIINT's blog will keep site visitors informed about top nanotechnological products and regulatory requirements.
"We are industry leaders in instrument developmentā€”dedicated to the study, creation and commercialization of X-ray detectors and spectrometric systems," says Myers. "We are proud to launch a new website this summer to support our current clients and educate those interested in the nanotechnology industry."
Source: SII NanoTechnology (press release)
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