Posted: July 31, 2010

WITec Takes Over Majority of Optical Measurement Solutions Provider omt Gmbh

(Nanowerk News) WITec GmbH announces the acquisition of the majority of the optical measurement solution provider omt optische messtechnik gmbh.
With the addition of omt, WITec has taken an important step to further enhance its market position in the field of measurement technology for industrial applications.
The unique product portfolio and expertise of omt ideally supplements WITec's product range and offers new perspectives for joint marketing activities. omt provides optical metrology tools and is particularly strong in industrial process control of parameters such as film thickness, color, sheet resistance, moisture and chemical composition.
For these types of measurements omt provides in-line and laboratory devices leveraging techniques such as reflectometry, spectral ellipsometry, video microscopy and spectroscopy. With the acquisition of omt, WITec adds advanced optical probing solutions to its range of cutting edge high-resolution structural, optical and chemical imaging instrumentation. omt will continue to operate as an independent company in the future.
Source: WITec (press release)
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