Posted: August 5, 2010

DFI Partners With MTN Sciencecentre Helping Children in South Africa Learn About Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, has partnered up with MTN Sciencentre through its Exclusive Distributor and Licensee DewPoint Products in Cape Town, South Africa in an effort to help children understand the use of nanotechnology and its benefits in the world. The science centers newest display informs the participant in the uses of nanotechnology and provides interactive samples to see first-hand, how easily nanotechnology can be utilized daily on a variety of applications. The MTN Sciencentre approached DFI to sponsor the new display by offering samples of its patented Diamon-FusionŽ nanocoating product line.
Packed with over 300 interactive displays, the MTN Sciencentre in Canal Walk, Cape Town, is the perfect place for curious minds and active bodies. The science centre provides valuable hands-on learning experiences using world-class exhibits designed to enrich the school curriculum and equip learners (young and old) by increasing their skill and understanding of science, technology and math.
"Nanotechnology is the next big thing that is very small," shared Jani de Bruin, Marketing Manager at MTN Sciencentre. "With partners like DFI we are able to bring children face-to-face with science to explore, see and discover why smaller is bigger. The kids can measure their height in nanometers, build nanostructures and sample products, such as those provided by DFI, so nanotechnology is easily understood and applicable to daily lives. We appreciate DFI's participation and look forward to all it will add to our centre."
"We are so pleased to partner with programs, such as those offered through MTN Sciencentre, where future generations gains access and understanding of the world of tomorrow," stated Guillermo Seta, executive director of DFI Global Operations. "Nanotechnology is changing the world as we know it and DFI is pleased to be a leader in this endeavor."
About Diamon FusionŽ International (DFI)
For over a decade, Diamon FusionŽ International (DFI Nanotechnology), a California-based and privately-held US company, along with its research team have produced and distributed variety of products designed for the restoration, protection and maintenance of silica-based surfaces, such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain and quartz. The breadth of DFI's product offering ranges from award-winning and patented, professional quality products only available through authorized distributors (licensees) to easy-to-use highly-effective, do-it-yourself products for consumers. Through consistently introducing innovative products and educating the industry on the benefits of surface coating technologies for glass and glass-like surfaces,
Source: DFI (press release)
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