Posted: August 6, 2010

Business Week Top Start Up Xolve Announces New President and CEO

(Nanowerk News) Xolve, Inc., a University of Wisconsin-Platteville technology spin-out, has announced the appointment of John Biondi as its new President and CEO. Mr. Biondi has been involved in the Madison area technology community for some time and has been a senior manager in six other start-up ventures, including two which made initial public offerings and one that was acquired. "John has significant experience in early stage companies and in strategic marketing and business development, key areas for the company as it moves toward commercialization", said Eric Apfelbach, the company's board Chair.
Xolve, formerly known as Graphene Solutions, won the 2008 Governor's Business plan competition. That same year, the company was selected as one of Business Week magazine's top start ups.
Solving one of nanotechnologies most basic problems
The company's discoveries solve one of the basic problems in nanotechnology: Up until now, nanomaterials have not been able to be used effectively in actual applications because the particles aggregate, destroying their surface area and their potentially super attributes. Graphene Solutions discovered an instrument and a method that can place these materials in true solutions, enabling their incredible potential to be exploited across a multitude of applications.
Recently, Xolve was selected as one of the national semifinalists in the Cleantech Open business plan competition, the world's biggest cleantech competition. "We are thrilled to have made it to the semifinals", said Mr Biondi. "This is a great validation of our technology and business model and comes at the time when we begin the funding and commercialization processes."
Xolve is based on technology discovered by James Hamilton, a professor at UW-Platteville and Philip Streich, a young student at the time.
Source: Xolve (press release)
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