Posted: August 18, 2010

DOE Awards SBIR Grant for Graphene Coating of High-Power RF Windows

(Nanowerk News) Nokomis, Inc. has been awarded a Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I grant for "Graphene as a Coating Material for High-Power RF Windows."
In recent years, one of the major impediments to the progress of high power Radio Frequency (RF) generation for particle accelerators, high power radars, communications systems and directed energy has been the lack of an RF window option exhibiting the key properties required for reliable performance at extreme power levels. This research conducted by Nokomis will develop an innovative RF window coating structure to overcome these deficiencies. Building upon Nokomis expertise in RF product development, the new windows will allow for greatly improved power handling capability.
A significant portion of global research in particle physics is based on data produced at the few major particle accelerator laboratories located around the world. The success of this research will provide these key facilities major benefits in terms of quality of data collection, lower bottom line project costs, which results in the availability of more and better data for analysis by the many interested research institutions. Beyond that, the applications for this technology includes a wide range of defense, space, energy, communications, medical, research, and security applications that will benefit from improved window performance and reliability.
"Materials research for RF applications is a very rich area for scientific, industrial and military advancement. Graphene has unique material properties that can provide high performance RF coatings that are unrivaled compared to current scientific, industrial and military solutions, "noted Walter J. Keller, Chief Executive Officer of Nokomis," We're extremely excited by this highly innovative and unique work and the potential it holds for significant advancement.
Nokomis is a HUBZone certified small business with its headquarters located in Charleroi, PA. Additional offices are located in Toledo, OH; Baltimore, MD; Mather, PA and Tacoma, WA. The company provides the highest quality products, engineering expertise, customer service, and robust technical solutions. Nokomis develops, manufactures and supports pre-eminent electromagnetic products for the defense industry.
About Nokomis, Inc.
Nokomis, Inc. develops and markets pre-eminent electromagnetic products for the defense industry. Defense industry focus continues to shift more and more towards an overwhelming dependency on electronics. Nokomis is uniquely positioned to focus on a generation of electromagnetic technologies that leverage electromagnetic signatures and electromagnetic effects. The company's proprietary technology and products will alter the way commanders pursue terrorists and other adversaries in remote and urban environments.
The war on terror is recognized to be a multi-decade affair. Engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq are unlikely to be short-term affairs. These efforts foster unique needs for technologies that are covert in nature, yet robust in capability. Electromagnetic technology and weaponry alone offers that combination. The defense market has shifted dramatically towards those who can exploit the electromagnetic spectrum at the highest and lowest power levels. Nokomis is positioned favorably on this expanding landscape.
Nokomis technologies simply exploit the principles of electrodynamic interactions with electronics through advanced technology to passively locate, detect, track or garner information about adversaries and actively upset, debilitate and/or damage adversaries' equipment and their ability to carry out operations.
Source: Nokomis (press release)
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