Posted: August 26, 2010

Carl Zeiss Receives R+D Award For Innovative Live Cell Imaging Technique

(Nanowerk News) Carl Zeiss MicroImaging announces it has been selected as a winner of the prestigious R&D 100 Awards. These awards are granted every year by an independent panel of judges and the editors of R&D Magazine. The R&D 100 Award has long been a benchmark of innovation excellence in the biotechnology and other industry sectors. In past years, Carl Zeiss has received 15 awards for a broad spectrum of innovations which have helped to enable customers to obtain cutting edge results in their labs.
The R&D 100 Award 2010 was received for the VivaTome Imaging system, an innovative solution enabling optical sectioning for live cell microscopy applications. The development of the VivaTome is the result of a collaboration between Carl Zeiss and Aurox Ltd. (Oxford, UK). It is based on the aperture correlation principle invented by Tony Wilson and collaborators at the University of Oxford.
The VivaTome is an optimal tool for the observation of dynamics of living specimens. Integrated within the AxioVision software platform it is an attractively-priced solution that offers outstanding ease of use. It is designed for applications where temporal resolution is a priority. The VivaTome can acquire images at video frame rate or even higher. Eliminating the blurry background of fluorescence images using a structured spinning disc, the system provides clear, easy-to-interpret and quantifiable results for biological specimens.
With a low level of technical complexity, the VivaTome delivers high-quality microscope images which previously were only been possible with highly advanced systems -. It can be retrofitted to existing Zeiss systems or added to any Zeiss microscope simply using a C-mount adapter. With the VivaTome, the entire spectrum of ZEISS objective lenses can be used with a consistently high optical section quality.
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging is honored to jointly receive this important award together with its partner Aurox Ltd. and is encouraged to further increase its efforts to provide innovative and user friendly equipment for the research community.
About Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc., a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss, Inc., offers microscopy solutions and systems for research, laboratories, routine and industrial applications. In addition, Carl Zeiss MicroImaging markets microscopy and digital pathology systems for the clinical market, as well as spectral sensors for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Since1846, Carl Zeiss has remained committed to enabling science and technology to go beyond what man can see. Today, Carl Zeiss is a global leader in the optical and opto-electronic industries.
With 11,249 current employees in the Group and offices in over 30 countries, Carl Zeiss is represented in more than 100 countries with production centers in Europe, North America, Central America and Asia.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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