Dais Analytic Corporation Awarded Coveted ARPA-E Grant

(Nanowerk News) Dais Analytic Corporation is a clean technology firm commercializing its nanotechnology in applications focusing on providing:
  • Clean water; (desalination and waste);
  • Energy efficient heating/cooling, and refrigeration equipment;
  • A rechargeable energy storage (ultracapacitor)
  • The Company announced today the US Department of Energy's Advanced Research Project Agency, Energy (ARPA-e) , has awarded the Company $680,000 in a one year grant to leap-frog to commercialization its energy efficient, water based heating, cooling.
    The NanoAir process, when complete, will bring breakthrough change in the worldwide $287 billion heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration markets. NanoAir has in recent months demonstrated an ability to reduce energy use and COżemissions by over 50% while completely eliminating the use of ozone depleting, carcinogenic refrigerant fluids (CFCs and HCFCs) in HVAC equipment.
    "This announcement demonstrates America is making strategic investments targeting the use of newer technologies moving our Country towards energy independence while creating new manufacturing jobs. The Dais team is truly honored to receive this grant award," said Tim Tangredi, President of Dais. According to Tangredi, "We believe the vote of confidence by the DoE in granting this sum server to underscore the power and utility of the Company's nanotechnology inventions."
    "Given the financial assistance provided by the ARPA-e grant, it is conceivable Dais may have the opportunity to commercialize NanoAir sooner creating a paradigm shift in the traditional HVAC and refrigerant products industries world-wide," said Andrew Alcorta, Director of Strategic Planning at Dais.
    Products which heat and cool air in buildings, homes, and refrigeration (coolers and freezers found in grocery stores, convenient stores, etc.) products consume approximately 18% of all the energy consumed nationwide. (1)
    Robert W. Schwartz, Managing Director of the Latham, NY based investment banking firm Schwartz Heslin Group, is a longtime Board member of Dais Analytic. He characterized the ARPA-e award by saying, "Dais's momentum is building. This award will allow the company to scale the NanoAir technology for commercialization earlier than would have been possible. The NanoAir technology is another example of 21st century nanotechnology reviving US industry and creating jobs."
    The ARPA-E grant immediately creates several new jobs in the Tampa Bay area with the prospect of hundreds of new jobs resulting from successful project completion, and the projected follow-on full commercialization of NanoAir.
    Dais Analytic Corporation is working to commercialize its nanotechnology materials and processes into break-through clean-tech products focusing on becoming a leading participant in the applied nanotechnology industry with a specialized focus on the needs of the energy and water industries. Products incorporating Dais's nanotechnology (www.daisanalytic.com) minimize consumption of irreplaceable natural resources and are projected to stop the degradation of our environment. To find out more about ConsERV (energy recovery for most forms of HVAC) please log onto www.conserv.com/
    Source: Dais Analytic (press release)
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