Vive Nano Offering Industrial Production Quantities of Ceria, Magnetite, Silver and Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials

(Nanowerk News) Vive Nano announces the availability for sale of industrial quantities of the company's high-quality, ultra small nanomaterials, including ceria, magnetite, silver and zinc oxide.
Vive Nano is committed to driving down the cost of high-quality nanomaterials. The company's pilot plant is now producing more than 5 tons/year of nanoparticles of Ceria, Magnetite, Silver and Zinc Oxide. Vive is offering samples up to 20L and full-scale production runs are available.
Vive's nanoparticles are ultra-small (less than 10nm), non-agglomerating, and water dispersible, allowing simple incorporation into existing products and processes.
Vive Nano Magnetite nanoparticles are superparamagnetic with numerous novel applications in industry, medicine and research. Silver, Zinc Oxide and Ceria applications include catalysis, UV absorption and environmental treatment.
Fees apply to cover the preparation and handling of small samples from our pilot plant. Sample fees are not indicative of production-level pricing.
Sample fees are:
-4L aqueous suspension: $200
-20L aqueous suspension: $500
-100g water-dispersible powder: $500 (25g for Silver)

Flavio Campagnaro

(416) 341-8889


Source: Vive Nano (press release)
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