Micromeritics Sponsoring Symposium on Future Challenges for Carbon-Based Nanoporous Materials

(Nanowerk News) On September 23 - 25, 2010, Micromeritics is participating as a sponsor of the 2nd Symposium on Future Challenges for Carbon-Based Nanoporous Materials to be held at the Sunroute Hotel Nagano Higashi-Guchi and the School of Engineering, Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan.
Research on carbon-based materials is expanding all over the world due to the urgent demand for the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Nanocarbons, nanotubes, graphenes, and metal-organic frameworks will all be topics of discussion at this energy-related symposium. Organized by the Research Center for Exotic Nano Carbon Projects and the School of Engineering at Shinshu University, discussions with and presentations by invited scientists will take place at the Hotel Sunroute Nagano Higashi-Guchi on Thursday, September 23rd and at the School of Engineering, Shinshu University on Friday and Saturday, September 24 25.
In business since 1962, Micromeritics has provided materials characterization instrumentation and applications support to assist novel research involving carbon-based nanoporous materials. One of Micromeritics' scientists, Dr. Jacek Jagiello, will present a paper on Saturday, September 25. In addition, the company is sponsoring a reception on Thursday, September 23. Micromeritics is proud to take a leadership role as a major sponsor of this important symposium.

Micromeritics Presentation

Saturday, September 25 14:50 15:20 Session S3

SASTec Building 3F, School of Engineering, Shinshu University

Using Two-dimensional Finite Pore Models for the Analysis of the Structure of Nanoporous Carbons;

Jacek Jagiello

Micromeritics Reception

Tuesday, May 23 19:15 - 20:45

Hotel Sunroute Nagano Higashi-Guchi

Source: Micromeritics (press release)
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