Dais Analytic Corporation's ConsERV Achieves Chinese Certification

(Nanowerk News) Dais Analytic Corporation, a clean technology firm commercializing its nanotechnology inventions focusing on the applications of desalination, energy efficient HVAC equipment, and energy storage (ultracapacitor), announced today that its award winning ConsERV energy recovery ventilator product has been certified, with top of class honors, by China's Ministry of Construction.
ConsERV is a four-time award winning commercial engineered add-on product useful on most forms of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment for energy recovery ventilation. ConsERV's value is that is reduces energy usage, operational and capital equipment costs, lowering emissions, and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
The Company's nanotechnology is configured to manage energy found in the exhaust airstream of HVAC equipment to precondition the temperature and moisture content of the incoming fresh air steam. This management is accomplished using no moving parts and uniquely achieved by the properties built into Dais's nanotechnology plastics.
Pre-treating the incoming air with ConsERV allows an end-user to exceed fresh air ventilation standards with no cost penalty, allows for the use of smaller HVAC plant configurations, and the production of fewer environmental emissions. The use of energy recovery ventilation has been proven by the US Environmental Protection Agency to lower the 'triggers' for allergies and asthma, lower the ability for indoor mold formation given improved air circulation and moisture management, and improved standardized test scores in schools which use ERVs versus those that do not.
"The functional, economic, and environmental advantages of ConsERV, over other products on the market, lead Dais to believe it can assume a dominant position in the expanding, fragmented ventilation portion of the heating and A/C market," said Denise Sanderson, Director of Business Development at Dais.
In North America ConsERV is certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI, http://www.ahrinet.org/), while in Europe ConsERV has been tested at the Horb School in Luzern, Switzerland.
Dais's ConsERV product is marketed throughout North America by a growing number of independent sales representatives which can be found by visiting www.conserv.com. Growing sales are occurring in Europe , and market entry plans are being made to begin selling the product in South American. This is in addition to ConsERV being introduced into the Chinese market with other parts of the Far East soon to follow. The functional, economic, and environmental advantages of ConsERV, over other products on the market, lead Dais to believe it can assume a dominant position in the expanding (and currently fragmented) ventilation portion of the heating and A/C market. To learn more about ConsERV please visit www.conserv.com
About Dais Analytic Corporation
Dais Analytic Corporation is commercializing its nanotechnology materials and processes into break-through products becoming a leading participant in the applied nanotechnology industry with a specialized focus on the needs of the energy and water industries. Products incorporating Dais's nanotechnology (www.daisanalytic.com) minimize consumption of irreplaceable natural resources and stop degradation of our environment. To find out more about ConsERV (energy recovery for HVAC) please log onto www.conserv.com/.
Source: Dais Analytic Corporation (press release)
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