Carl Zeiss Advances Towards Next Generation Integrated TEM Framework

(Nanowerk News) As of today, the LIBRA series Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) from Carl Zeiss take a leap forward by offering the new ZEMAS framework technology (ZEISS Electron Microscopy Applications Software).
ZEMAS Framework Technology integrates inno- vative data acquisition, viewing and analysis capabilities into the LIBRA series TEMs. ZEMAS enables scientist around the world to conduct routine and advanced TEM/STEM nano-characte- rization experiments with an unprecedented ease of use. The pioneering ZEMAS framework technology also enables the fast implementation of future new techniques and applications that result from collaboration between TEM pioneers and Carl Zeiss NTS.
As an early adopter of ZEMAS framework technology from the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy at RWTH Aachen University (Germany), Prof. Joachim Mayer explains:
"ZEMAS is a major step forward towards an intuitive user interface which assists the operator in a broad range of tasks, ranging from fast routine applications to the structured development of new methods for TEM. Combined with the powerful hardware configuration and the optimized electron-optical design of the LIBRA 200, ZEMAS lowers the threshold to acquiring high quality data, and gives us the chance to design and implement experiments that were previously too cumbersome to attempt. We are anxiously looking forward to working with our ZEMAS- equipped LIBRA 200, and instantly recognized its potential in a multi-user environment".
Alexander Lazar, Product Line Manager for TEM at Carl Zeiss points out: "In the last decade research and development in the field of TEM has been largely focused on hardware and instrumentation innovations such as aberration correctors, mono- chromators, energy filters, detectors, sample holders, and cryo-protection. The aberration corrected LIBRA 200 TEM, the unique LIBRA 120 PLUS TEM and highly specialized systems like the CRISP, PACEM or SESAM systems from Carl Zeiss are a direct result of these develop- ment efforts. For the future of TEM, we see a growing need for development of software applications and workflow innovations. ZEMAS has been developed with a constant vision of "ultimate ease of use and rapid implementation of advanced TEM / STEM techniques".
With the ZEMAS technology, Carl Zeiss is pioneering a new age in TEM user interaction, which cements its place uniquely as a company proven to innovate on hardware, applications and software horizons.
ZEMAS will be presented at the IMC 17 in Rio de Janeiro from September 19 to 24 for the first time.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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