Macronix Announces Mass Production of 75nm NOR Flash Memory in Q4

(Nanowerk News) Macronix International Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of non-volatile memory, today announced it has skipped the 90nm process node and moved directly to a 75nm technology, ahead of schedule. The new NOR Flash products are targeted for use in networking, computing, consumer, and mobile applications. The first product based on the new 75nm process is a 256Mbit density Parallel NOR Flash Memory and it is currently sampling to leading WiMax, GPON, and Set-Top-Box OEM customers.
With over 20 years experience in the semiconductor industry, Macronix is renowned for it's high quality, feature-rich, and cost effective solutions for embedded systems and mobile markets. By shrinking the process technology to 75nm, Macronix will be able to increase production capacity for medium to high density products to satisfy the increasing requirements for bigger boot code of internet applications.
"The move to 75nm technology further strengthens our product roadmap. The die shrink will offer backward compatibility and performance enhancement, while achieving the common targets shared with customers on cost control," said Martin Lin, Segment Marketing Director at Macronix. "More than that, our next technology node is moving to 57nm to meet the technical requirements of our broad customer base. Macronix just acquired a 300mm fab to enhance its technology migration to geometries beyond 75nm."
In addition to meeting current market requirements, 75nm will also provide the platform for low voltage products. These 1.8V products will be targeted at hand-held and portable applications requiring a small form-factor and reduced power consumption. Macronix is not only the largest supplier of Serial NOR Flash, but is taking the lead in developing the 1.8V Serial Flash specifications.
Samples of the 75nm 256Mb Parallel NOR Flash memory are available today, and mass production is slated for 2010 Q4. This product will be followed by 64Mb and 128Mb in both Parallel and Serial Flash families.
Macronix will showcase its memory solutions at booth #209 during Embedded System Conference (ESC) in Boston, Mass. Please stop by Macronix's booth and check out our products targeted for automotive, networking, industrial, medical, and computing applications.
About Macronix
Founded in 1989, Macronix International Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) solutions. Macronix is the world's largest manufacturer of ROM and Serial NOR Flash products, and offers a full range of Parallel NOR Flash products across various densities. These products are used in wide range of automotive, consumer, computing, communications & networking, industrial, and wireless applications. For more information about Macronix, please visit .
Source: Macronix (press release)
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