Applied Seals North America Receives High-Volume Order From Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

(Nanowerk News) Applied Seals North America, Inc. has received a volume purchase order for its perfluoroelastomer sealing solutions from one of the world's top 20 semiconductor manufacturers. Having completed its qualification process, the customer has begun using Applied Seals' products within all of its chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and etching equipment at its wafer fabs and R&D facilities throughout Asia, the U.S. and Europe.
The 12-month supply contract, renewable annually, includes perfluoroelastomer seals used within wafer-processing equipment, door seals, lid seals, and custom-made specialty gaskets designed to maintain ultraclean, Class 10 or lower semiconductor-manufacturing environments. Applied Seals also is providing the customer with global service and applications support.
Prior to placing its order, the customer conducted extensive evaluations of Applied Seals' products. Performance testing was done at each of the customer's wafer fabs over six months. Results showed that Applied Seals' products achieved extended lifetimes, which reduce capital costs and maximize a wafer fab's uptime between scheduled maintenance stops.
"Our expertise in materials engineering, global presence and dedicated service were key factors in being selected for this partnership," said Dalia Vernikovsky, president and general manager of Applied Seals North America. "Our sealing products, which are themselves manufactured in cleanroom environments, can be built using a wide range of specialty materials and performance specifications, enabling us to meet each customer's specific needs. The most expensive material is not always the best choice. We offer the expertise to prescribe the optimal sealing solution with the right size and application requirements."
Applied Seals designs its Perfrez™ sealing products for semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical and solar applications. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMORS, which provides sealing products for every major automobile manufacturer in the world and is one of the three largest manufacturers in Asia.
About Applied Seals North America
Applied Seals sells and supports a range of sealing products used to create and maintain the integrity of ultraclean manufacturing environments. Seals are used within virtually all production equipment used in processing semiconductors, solar panels, pharmaceuticals, ultrapure chemicals and other high-technology products. Prescribing the optimal seal for each application has been shown to increase manufacturing uptime, boosting production capacities without the expense of adding capital equipment. More information is available at
Source: Applied Seals (press release)
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