Applied Nanotech to Showcase Its Key Nanotechnology Advancements in Metallic Inks and Pastes

(Nanowerk News) Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. announced that it will showcase some of its key nanotechnology advancements in metallic inks and pastes at the NIP26 Digital Printing Technologies Conference being held at the Hilton Hotel in Austin, TX from September 21-23, 2010.
At its booth, ANI will exhibit its new aluminum inks and pastes that have been optimized for noncontact printing applications in the solar PV industry, and its nanoparticle-based nickel inks for printing conductive lines and barrier layers for applications in the printed electronics and solar PV industries. The ANI inks and pastes are aimed at improving manufacturing yields and lowering manufacturing costs through process step elimination. ANI recently announced that it has received a $1.6M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to establish a pilot manufacturing line for these ink technologies.
In addition, ANI will exhibit its R&D100 award winning nanoparticle-based copper inks and pastes developed for inkjet and screen printing, as well as its silver inks and pastes.
ANI has a "Total Inks Printing Solutions" approach, offering expertise from raw nanoparticles, to ink formulations and dispersions, to printing and curing equipment and processes, to integration into high throughput printing lines. ANI works closely with strategic partners to provide complete printing solutions, facilitating product development and commercialization timelines for our customers.
ANI will be exhibiting at the NIP show with UniJet Co., Ltd, a Korean inkjet printer manufacturer, as well as Xenon Corporation, a flash lamp curing equipment manufacturer.UniJet will be exhibiting their benchtop OmniJet 100 inkjet printer system, and Xenon will present the Sinteron 2000 for curing printed metallic inks.Together we offer complementary products and solutions for the printed electronics industry.
For more information about UniJet or Xenon, visit or
About Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc.
Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. is a premier research and commercialization organization focused on solving problems at the molecular level. Its team of PhD level scientists and engineers work with companies and other organizations to solve technical impasses and create innovations that will create a competitive advantage. The business model is to license patents and technology to partners that will manufacture and distribute products using the technology. Applied Nanotech has over 250 patents or patents pending. Applied Nanotech's website is
Source: Applied Nanotech (press release)
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