Posted: Sep 21, 2010

Nanostart AG Announces Record Numbers for the First Half of 2010

(Nanowerk News) Frankfurt-based nanotechnology company Nanostart AG is reporting the best first-half results since the company was founded for the first six months of 2010. In accordance with commercial code, semi-annual net profit totaled EUR 923,000 (previous year EUR -1.4 million). Earlier in the year, Swiss company and global market leader Roche Diagnostics purchased the main product line of American Nanostart holding BioMicro Systems, Inc. Revenues from this transaction are however not included in semi-annual numbers, as the cash transfer took place after the June 30, 2010 reporting date.
In addition to positive earnings results, Nanostart achieved a net asset value of nearly EUR 144 million as of the reporting date. This is approximately EUR 29 million more than at the same point last year. In the conservative calculation of net asset value, shares of unlisted shareholdings about 80 percent of the current portfolio are attributed to acquisition costs in the calculations. Only existing shareholdings in Nanostart AG companies that are listed on the stock exchange are entered at market value.
The company continues to pursue international expansion. Acquisition of additional holdings is anticipated this year, especially in Singapore, where Nanostart is investing as a government partner.
Semi-annual numbers are now archived at the Nanostart website in the Investor Relations area. The 2010 semi-annual report will be available September 27 in the company reports section.
About Nanostart
Nanostart AG is the world's leading nanotechnology investment company. The Frankfurt-based company provides venture capital financing for nanotechnology companies in various growth phases. It also provides the benefits of its experience and expertise to developers of financial instruments and to investors in the nanotechnology sector. For further information about the company, please visit
Source: Nanostart
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