New MAXIM SIMS/SNMS Workstation from Hiden Analytical

(Nanowerk News) Hiden Analytical announce the new MAXIM SIMS/SNMS Workstation combining high-sensitivity surface measurement by both secondary ion and sputtered neutral mass spectrometry, all under integrated PC control.
The system is suited to both static and dynamic measurement, and is fully UHV compliant with a choice of oxygen, argon and caesium ion sources for broad-beam applications and for fine-focus operation to 20 micron spot size. The Workstation is configured to accept diverse sample types and, together with the inbuilt elemental surface imaging program, provides for quantitative analysis of surface composition and/or depth profile features.
The high-transmission mass spectrometer monitors both positive and negative ions, with the integral electron bombardment ion source mounted at the sample surface efficiently providing pre-ionisation of sputtered neutrals. Mass range is to 1000 amu and additionally the system offers exceptional sensitivity for the lowest molecular weight species boron, beryllium and lithium through to monatomic hydrogen.
The PC interface controls data acquisition gating and scan area raster to integrate species and scan co-ordinates for application to the Hiden ESM Labview surface imaging program. The full raster area is user definable up to a maximum of 4mm x 4mm, with data acquisition from a second internal defined area to obviate crater side-wall interference.
The system includes a fast-entry load lock and sample transfer stage, electron beam charge compensation, CCD camera and bakout enclosure. The primary vacuum chamber is multiported and fully accessible for mounting additional accessories and to provide system configuration options. Independent turbomolecular pumping is used for the primary chamber, ion guns and sample load lock to ensure full UHV operation, with system base pressure less than 10E-9 mbar.
For further information on this or other Hiden products please contact Hiden Analytical at [email protected] or visit the main website at
Source: Hiden Analytical (press release)
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