ADA Technologies Awarded U.S. Navy Contract for Nanocomposite Materials for Submarines

(Nanowerk News) ADA Technologies, Inc. received an $80,000 contract from the U.S. Navy to conduct research into the development of high performance fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for use in the design and manufacture of robust and reliable submarine and submersible hatches. The six-month contract was awarded to ADA, in partnership with Alion Science and Technology, Mystic, CT.
The Phase I research focuses on the use of nanomaterials to greatly enhance the interlaminar properties of FRP materials. ADA's approach is based on the selection of tailoring of nanomaterials that are relatively inexpensive and available in large volumes. As a result, ADA's technology is a highly cost-effective method of addressing current deficiencies in FRP materials.
"We expect ADA's material technology to provide dramatic improvements in key material properties, while having minimal impact on material and manufacturing costs," said Douglas Campbell, ADA R&D program manager. "Furthermore, we are especially excited as it addresses a significant performance limitation of FRP composites and thus would have broad application to not only the marine industry, but also the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, sporting goods and virtually all industries that make use of FRP composite material."
The research program combines ADA's expertise in polymers, nanoparticle reinforcement, FRP material development and manufacturing scale-up, with Alion's expertise in composite structural systems design.
ADA Technologies, Inc.
ADA Technologies, Inc. is a research, development, and commercialization company that specializes in creating and converting innovative technologies to commercial successes. ADA's technology successes include the creation of three spin-off companies: Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, Inc.; Novinda, Corp.; and Pronghorn Technologies, LLC. Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, ADA has received more than 180 research grants totaling more than $50 million. To learn more about ADA Technologies, visit or call (303) 792-5615.
Source: ADA Technologies (press release)
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