Aculon Patent Covering its Method for Applying Organometallic Film to Substrates

(Nanowerk News) Aculon is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed a patent covering its method for applying organometallic film to substrates, which has been perfected by the company over the past 6 years.
United States Patent Application No. 11/985,151 discloses the process required for applying an organometallic film on substrates, particularly polymer substrates, in which the metal of the organometallic has "f" orbital electrons. Aculon's novel organometallic films represent a breakthrough in hydrophobic and oleophobic film technology, allowing for a level of hydrophobicity and oleophobicity thought unachievable on numerous substrates.
"We are delighted that our invention has been granted a United States patent. We believe that this approach offers a superior alternative to existing PVD film technologies, offering manufacturers affordable hydrophobic and oleophobic films without the drawbacks associated with traditional film deposition," comments Dr. Eric Hanson, Vice President of Technology.
For more information about Aculon's organometallic film products and technology or details regarding the patent, call the company headquarters at 858-350-9474 or visit Aculon's website at
About Aculon
Aculon manufactures nano-coatings for hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and adhesion promotion.
Source: Aculon (press release)
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