Hysitron Announces Free Webinar Series Titled 'Nanomechanical Characterization in Materials for Energy'

(Nanowerk News) Hysitron is pleased to announce the fifth of its webinar series titled "Nanomechanical Characterization in Materials for Energy". This is presented in partnership with Materials Today (Elsevier) and is scheduled on October 28th, 2010.
The world continues to increase its demand for innovation in energy research, which is supported by increased government spending on energy and a rising number of worldwide researchers focusing efforts in this area. Many energy-related research initiatives inherently require small-scale material analysis due to the micro- and nano-scale feature sizes in new and improved materials for energy innovation. This three-part webinar series will cover a variety of current research projects focused on energy studies encompassing nanomechanical testing techniques.
Webinar Highlights include:
  • Speakers:
  • – Dr. Simon Ruffell, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Australian National University

    – Dr. Kantesh Balani, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur

  • Live Q & A session following the webinar presentation
  • Details on nanomechanical testing techniques, highlighted by application examples.
  • Benefits of participating in this webinar:
  • Exposure to innovative nanomechanical testing techniques in Energy Materials Engineering
  • Enhanced knowledge of the background and future of nanoindentation based techniques
  • Access to Hysitron's Science Direct Microsite, which allows attendees to download free copies of papers highlighted in this webinar, along with other related Science Direct research papers.
  • After the live webinar, the recorded presentation will be made available in different languages
    Source: Hysitron (press release)
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