Agar Scientific Announces New, Versatile Fischione Cleaning Solution for Electron Microscopists

(Nanowerk News) Agar Scientific, a leading supplier of microscopy accessories and consumables, announces the new 1070 NanoClean system from Fischione Instruments.
Agar Scientific has a market-leading reputation as a supplier of high quality accessories to assist with sample preparation for electron microscopy. As applications at the nanoscale continue to increase, the need for ultra-clean surfaces is paramount in the sample preparation process to ensure the best quality of imaging.
The New Model 1070 NanoClean automatically and quickly removes organic contamination (hydrocarbon) for microscopy applications. It is multifunctional, and simultaneously cleans electron microscopy (EM) specimens, specimen holders and stubs. It is also ideal for other surface science techniques. The use of a touchscreen interface allows quick, easy, and simple setup.
the Fischione Instruments 1070 NanoClean system
The Fischione Instruments 1070 NanoClean system available in the UK & Ireland from Agar Scientific.
The cleaning process is solely by reactive gas compounds formed by the plasma chemically reacting with carbonaceous material on the specimen and specimen holder. A low-energy, inductively coupled, high frequency (HF), downstream plasma effectively cleans the specimen surface without changing its elemental composition or structural characteristics. Furthermore, to enhance this capability, the Nanoclean incorporates multiple gas inlets complete with mixing facility.
In electron microscopes with high brightness electron sources, specimens that are not plasma treated tend to contaminate more readily. The Model 1070 NanoClean ensures confidence that carbonaceous contamination will not interfere with imaging or analysis, even during fine probe microanalysis for extended periods. Even highly contaminated specimens may be cleaned in two minutes or less.
To meet the needs of as many electron microscopists as possible, the Model 1070 has been designed to readily accept one or two side-entry specimen holders for all commercial TEMs, STEMs, and SEMs. An additional port allows large, bulk objects to be placed in the chamber for processing while a specially designed specimen holder port allows the cleaning of specimens contained on carbon grids. An additional feature is that the new 1070 can also be used as vacuum pumping station for evacuating vacuum storage containers.
About Agar Scientific
Established in 1972, Agar Scientific is a leading international supplier of consumables, accessories and specialist equipment for all areas of microscopy. The products are used by workers in the fields of electron microscopy (TEM and SEM) light microscopy and related laboratory disciplines such as sample preparation, calibration and analysis.
Agar has its own manufacturing facility for calibration specimens, grids, apertures and filaments. Agar's technical team has wide practical experience in specimen preparation and microscopy techniques.
From their UK headquarters, Agar provide a fast and efficient despatch service from an extensive range of stock while a network of agents and distributors provides support worldwide.
Agar provides both print and online catalogues of consumables and accessories for electron and light microscopy in all biological and material science related fields.
Source: Agar Scientific (press release)
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