New SIMS Workstation Brochure from Hiden Analytical

(Nanowerk News) Hiden Analytical release their new brochure detailing the latest features of the SIMS/SNMS Workstation for high-sensitivity static and dynamic surface analysis. Applicable technologies range from photovoltaics, metallurgy, semiconductors and thin-film studies through to geology and gem-stone characterisation.
The ultrahigh vacuum sample loading and sample transfer stages with fast-entry load lock enable preloading and reloading of multiple samples for optimum cost-effective operational efficiency. With fine-focus oxygen, argon and caesium ion sources the system provides elemental analysis of both electropositive and electronegative species, the high-transmission mass spectrometer detector additionally featuring the SNMS Mode with measurement of secondary neutrals giving precise data quantification. Mass range is selectable to 1000amu, with the exceptional sensitivity maintained to the lowest molecular weight species boron, beryllium and lithium through to monatomic hydrogen.
SIMS/SNMS Workstation brochure
All mass spectrometer and ion gun control parameters are fully software integrated, the pre-programmable pull-down menus providing fast and automated operation for diverse analysis requirements. Elemental imaging is provided by the optional ESM Elemental Surface Mapping suite to identify multilayer surface location and distribution of all relevant species in real time.
For a copy of the brochure and further information on all Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical at [email protected] or visit the main website at
Source: Hiden Analytical (press release)
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