Agar Scientific Announces Custom Manufactured Silicon Devices for Microscopists From TEMwindows

(Nanowerk News) Agar Scientific, a leading supplier of microscopy accessories and consumables, announces a customer wafer fabrication service from their US-based partners, TEMwindows.
Agar Scientific supplies high quality accessories to assist with sample preparation for TEM, SEM, FIB, Auger and Light Microscopes. As applications become more demanding, very precise films and supports are required. These challenges may be addressed by the custom fabrication services of TEMwindows.
TEMwindows provides solutions to challenging customisation applications. Using expertise in ultrathin supported films and MEMs processes, the company's experienced technologists carry out custom design, deposition etching, inspection and packaging projects. These enable quick turn-around times while maintaining high product quality at all levels of the fabrication process.
A custom-processed wafer from TEMwindows
A custom-processed wafer from TEMwindows.
Working with pure silicon, silicon dioxide and silicon nitride, TEMwindows offers a whole range of capabilities. Custom mask design and chrome mask printing enables feature size resolution to two microns. Front-to-back alignment lithography enables features as small as two micron circles to be etched in suspended membranes. Metal deposition is offered using noble metals including gold with a thickness range of fifty to two hundred nanometres. Adhesives layers of titanium and chrome are also available. Custom device packaging is available to meet the customer needs. They can be designed with continuous films for spin coating that may be dissected along scribes at the user's facility.
About Agar Scientific
Established in 1972, Agar Scientific is a leading international supplier of consumables, accessories and specialist equipment for all areas of microscopy. The products are used by workers in the fields of electron microscopy (TEM and SEM) light microscopy and related laboratory disciplines such as sample preparation, calibration and analysis.
Agar has its own manufacturing facility for calibration specimens, grids, apertures and filaments. Agar's technical team has wide practical experience in specimen preparation and microscopy techniques.
From their UK headquarters, Agar provide a fast and efficient despatch service from an extensive range of stock while a network of agents and distributors provides support worldwide.
Agar provides both print and online catalogues of consumables and accessories for electron and light microscopy in all biological and material science related fields.
Source: Agar Scientific (press release)
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