NanoScale Applies Military Know-How To Chinese Drywall Crisis

(Nanowerk News) NanoScale Corporation (NanoScale®), a leader in advanced chemistry products, services, and technologies, today announced an expansion of its focused program to apply its chemical technology platform for use in combating the corrosive chemicals and noxious odors associated with Chinese drywall (sic. CDW, Corrosive Drywall, Contaminated Drywall).
The Company's core chemical technology platform was originally developed in conjunction with the Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, U.S. EPA and other government agencies through $30M in research contracts for destruction of chemical warfare agents such as Sarin and Mustard gasses. In June 2010, the Company was awarded a multi-year supply contract by the U.S. Army for the M295 surface decontamination kit that enables soldiers to rapidly and effectively decontaminate their equipment.
NanoScale has adapted its proprietary and patented technology for convenient use by real estate owners, occupants, and industry professionals to irreversibly capture and destroy indoor air pollutants – reactive sulfur compounds and other corrosive and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – off-gassing from the contaminated drywall. Safe and green, NanoScale's chemistry is non-toxic and is based on naturally occurring earth minerals such a zinc and magnesium oxide. The by-products of The OdorKlenz Process® are environmentally benign.
Over one hundred thousand homes, across more than 39 states, have become afflicted with a toxic chemical and odor problem caused by 500 million pounds of defective Chinese drywall imported and installed, primarily during the 2005-2007 building boom. Defective drywall has been identified as the source of emissions of hazardous sulfur-containing chemicals that are corroding air handling systems, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances. Damages are estimated to range from $15 billion to $25 billion. Building industry experts estimate that it will cost, on average, $100,000 per home to replace the corrosive drywall and damaged infrastructure.
"Our proven technology and OdorKlenz® products can be of immediate assistance in restoring livability to homes contaminated with CDW while homeowners await total remediation," said Aaron Madison, Chief Operating Officer at NanoScale.
Many CDW homeowners cannot currently afford a total remediation, "This is a life saving device, because my house was unbearable to live in – not to mention the fears about our health ... My 18 month old son had a constant dry cough, sneezing and wheezing before using the cartridge, but not anymore since the use of it. Before using the cartridge, it was difficult to stay in my house. Now, we are able to breathe again. This is an excellent product – it works every time," said M. Angela W., Port St. Lucie, FL.
The Company has assembled a team of technical representatives and is actively expanding its sales and service efforts in the Gulf Coast region. The OdorKlenz Process has been successfully implemented in homes in the Sun City Center, Florida area and throughout southern Florida. OdorKlenz installations are underway in conjunction with the Rebuilding New Orleans Project.
NanoScale Corporation develops and provides high performance advanced chemistry materials and related services to Customers worldwide. The Company holds a substantial intellectual property portfolio which includes its patented NanoActive®, FAST-ACT®, ChemKlenz®, OdorKlenz®, and SpillKlenz™ product lines and systems. NanoScale produces and sells a wide variety of NanoActive brand nanocrystalline materials in forms that include dry powders, granules, and liquid suspensions. FAST-ACT, ChemKlenz, and OdorKlenz Systems are sold for the prevention, containment, elimination, and remediation of toxic and noxious chemicals, odors, and related applications. Additional information on the Company and its capabilities is available at and
Source: NanoScale (press release)
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