Nanotechnology Start-up Rolith, Inc. Secures Seed Funding

(Nanowerk News) This investment comes from as of yet undisclosed strategic corporate partner and will be used for building a prototype of Rolith's proprietary nanopatterning technique "Rolling Mask" Lithography system (RML).
Availability of a high throughput cost effective nanolithography method for nanostructuring over large areas of substrate materials brings new possibilities to renewable energy and green building markets. Rolith anticipates its technology will enable the next generation of advanced products such as high efficiency nanostructured solar cells, building-integrated photovoltaic cells, "smart glass" and superior quality functional coatings (anti-reflective, anti-glare, self-cleaning and anti-fog).
"This seed investment will allow us to build a prototype and demonstrate feasibility of our technology prior to raising a Series A financing later this year. Rolith is currently engaged in discussions with a leading semiconductor equipment company and a renowned University research group to accelerate this development. We look forward to demonstrating the advantages of Rolith's technology and start advanced applications development" says Dr. Boris Kobrin, CEO/President of Rolith, Inc.
About Rolith
Rolith is developing advanced nanostructured products for renewable energy and green building markets using a proprietary nanolithography technology. Its "Rolling Mask" nanostructuring system has the potential to surpass current nanolithography systems in throughput, cost and quality. Rolith was formed by Dr. Boris Kobrin, Prof. Mark Brongersma and Julian Zegelman in 2008 and is currently located in Dublin, CA. To date the company has filed 9 patent applications in the areas of nanolithography, material deposition and etch methods, and nanophotonic devices. More information can be found at:
Source: Rolith (press release)
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