Bruker Holds 17th Annual User Meeting With More Than 120 Participants

(Nanowerk News) In a well attended three-day meeting more than 120 small molecule and structural biology users had the opportunity to exchange ideas and their experience with Bruker diffraction instrumentation and meet with people of the Bruker Single Crystal Diffraction team.
The structural biology sessions addressed application related topics like Sulphur SAD phasing, in-house screening, fragment based screening and high through-put in-house screening. The chemical crystallography sessions featured user talks about charge-density studies, structure validation and structure determination from powder data.
User talks were complimented by presentations of the Bruker team and provided insights into new hardware like the IµS for silver radiation, and the radically new Ga-source, that is currently being integrated with Bruker's diffraction solutions.
Bruker SC-XRD User Meeting in September 2010
Bruker SC-XRD User Meeting in September 2010
The meeting also provided an excellent opportunity to stay on top of latest developments of software packages like XPREP, TWINABS or EVAL15 and JANA. Coffee breaks and dinner events were also extensively used for exchanging thoughts and ideas.
A two hour company tour highlighted the demonstration laboratories and gave insights into the various production steps of diffraction systems, starting with material processing using impressive CMC machines, to component assembling and test field.
As a satellite event PROTEUM2 software training was offered to Bruker users who only recently have received their system.
In 2011 the 18th user meeting will be held in Madison, Wisconsin and it will bring the Bruker family together again.
Source: Bruker (press release)
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