2-Axis Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Controller for Actuators, Micropositioning Systems and Microscope Stages

(Nanowerk News) Piezo motor specialist PI introduces a new 2-axis digital controller for ultrasonic high-stability piezo motor stages such as those used on the latest generation microscopes.
Features and Advantages
  • Controller Optimized for High-Stability Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motors
  • Dynamic Servo Parameter Switching for faster Settling
  • Integrated Drive Electronics for Ultrasonic Motors
  • USB, RS-232 and Joystick Interfaces
  • 4 + 4 Programmable TTL-I/Os for Flexible Automation
  • Data Recorder and Macro Programming Language
  • Extensive Software Support, LabVIEW, DLL, etc
  • Datasheet & More Information at http://www.physikinstrumente.com/en/products/prdetail.php?sortnr=900670
    The new 2-axis C-867 piezo motor controller is especially designed for closed-loop micropositioning systems equipped with piezo linear motor drives.
    The C-867.260 2-axis high-speed piezo motor controller shown with a customized M-686 XY microscope stage
    The C-867.260 2-axis high-speed piezo motor controller shown with a customized M-686 XY microscope stage.
    It can be operated from a host PC either via a USB port or an RS-232 interface. Alternatively, stand-alone operation is possible by joystick or via preprogrammed macro commands.
    Why Ultrasonic Ceramic Motors?
    Ultrasonic ceramic motors are non-magnetic and self locking by nature. They provide significantly better position stability than conventional motor / leadscrew drives or magnetic linear motors.
    Faster Settling with Dynamic Control Parameter Adaption
    The C-867's highly specialized DSP handles all of the motion properties typical for ultrasonic piezomotors, such as dynamic control parameter adaption. Optimized settling behavior of the mechanics within 10s of milliseconds is achieved by automatically switching between gainsets for dynamic and static operation.
    Highest Stability by Automatic Frequency Control
    Changes in the mechanical properties of the ceramic motor due to temperature or load changes are automatically compensated for by a control loop which adjusts the operating frequency of the driving voltage. This leads to the highest constancy in motor force, velocity and closed-loop stability.
    Additional information on piezo motors is available at http://www.piezo-motor.net
    Source: PI (press release)
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