Cadmium-free Quantum Dots for Biological Assay and Flow Cytometry

(Nanowerk News) The Nanomaterialstore is pleased to announce that they have released their first upconversion lanthanide nanocrystal product. This complements their range of UV downconversion nanocrystals, and represents an expansion of their range of biomedical research compounds
NIR excitation probes such as upconversion nanocrystals are excellent for both in vitro and in vivo imaging, because NIR range excitation (750-1000nm) allows deeper light penetration with reduced light scattering, increasing image contrast.
IR laser light upconverted with e NaYF4:YbEr Colloid
IR laser light upconverted with e NaYF4:YbEr Colloid.
By contrast, if UV excitation is used, biomolecules such as green-fluorescent proteins and other fluorescent organic molecules can be excited by the UV radiation and light up, interfering with image creation and capture. Excitation in NIR induces only a very weak autofluorescence background and avoids photodegradation in biotagging applications, thus simplifying the detection of labeled target molecules and increasing the sensitivity of the method.

With high chemical stability, remarkable light penetration depth, and the absence of autofluorescence in biological specimens under infrared excitation, upconversion nanocrystals are ideal for use as luminescent probes in biological labeling and imaging technology, multiplexing, and bio-molecule detection.

Source: Nanomaterialstore (press release)
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