Nano Mask Enters Into Sales Agreement With Dynamic Preventive Technologies

(Nanowerk News) Nano Mask Inc., a materials technology development company focused on health and wellness related markets, has announced a joint sales partnership with Dynamic Preventive Technologies (DPT) of Heath, Texas whereby DPT will represent Nano Mask's product line.
DPT principals have over 20 years of experience in delivering new and innovative products to the healthcare industry with a team of experienced independent sales representatives serving all major U.S. markets. DPT currently represents several medical product lines that are being distributed through the largest medical distributors in the United States. This week DPT has begun training 10 sales representatives for Nano Mask's product line so that they can commence marketing in the largest metropolitan areas. The remaining 40 DPT representatives will be trained over the next 30 days.
"We are very excited and proud to have joined forces with Nano Mask because we believe that the hospital and medical industry is looking to solve the problems that these new and innovative products address," said John Lohmiller, Principal Partner, DPT.
Mr. Lohmiller also stated, "Nano Mask's products offer a new environmentally and user friendly mix of 'Green' and non-hazardous enzymatic instrument cleaning solutions, along with a line of disposable and biodegradable hospital curtains that utilize Nano Silver Technology for superior infection control."
"We believe this partnership with DPT will accelerate the introduction of our product line to a broad range of healthcare institutions in the United States. DPT's sales force is already calling on these healthcare providers and accordingly, we hope to generate some significant revenues as a result of our alliance with DPT," said Ed Suydam, President and CEO of Nano Mask.
Mr. Suydam went on to add, "Meanwhile, we continue to grow our partnerships with distributors in select international markets and expect to report soon on our progress in that area."
About Nano Mask, Inc.
Nano Mask, Inc. is the inventor of the NanoMask, a disposable anti-microbial facemask currently under development and is a distributor of Wein Products' line of disposable respirators and the new line of hospital detergent products. The company is also marketing a suite of medical detergents aimed at the hospital market in the United States and international markets.
Source: Nano Mask (press release)
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