TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors Offers Epitaxial Deposition Services for Customers

(Nanowerk News) TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors announces today the availability of high quality in-line Si and SiGe epitaxial deposition service for customers, commercial and non-commercial, worldwide to address growing in-line epitaxial layer market requirement for the high speed amplifier and power driver applications.
"We are ready to provide high quality silicon and silicon-germanium epitaxial service to support our 150 mm wafer customers. As we know, epitaxy is a key enabling technology for today's high performance devices," said Dr. Volker Dudek, CTO of TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors.
TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors' state-of-the-art Fab has both single wafer reactors and batch wafer reactors tools to meet various in-line epitaxial requirements. The epitaxial service offers Si epitaxial and ultra-thin SiGe:Si composite layers on buried doped regions. We also provide comprehensive metrology services for our customers. The range of epitaxial thickness can vary from below 20nm to 9µm with resistivity from 0.005 Ωcm to 15 Ωcm.
By outsourcing the epitaxial growth process to TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors, customers can benefit greatly from the elimination of expensive equipment investment and significant operation and maintenance costs.
Being expert in Silicon Germanium processing and standard epitaxial service, TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors is the best choice for successfully growing semiconductor business.
TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors GmbH & Co. KG is certified according ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 since December 2009.
About TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors
TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors is a specialty Analog & Mixed Signal company facility with ISO Automotive and Industrial Class Certifications. TS offers state-of-the-art contract semiconductor foundry services at their world class manufacturing location in Heilbronn, Germany.
Source: TELEFUNKEN (press release)
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