Mechatronic Systemtechnik Has Applications In The Solar Field As Well

(Nanowerk News) Thanks to its specialist know-how in the field of thin-wafer handling in the semiconductor industry, Mechatronic Systemtechnik, a supplier of thin-wafer handling systems based in Carinthia, Austria, has been selected by the European Commission to make its skills available to the photovoltaic industry.
Mechatronic Systemtechnik is a technology partner within the EU project, launched at the beginning of October with a budget of seven million Euros, under the title: "20 percent efficiency on less than 100 µm thick industrially feasible c-Si Solar cells". In conjunction with eight further partners, the company will contribute its extensive know-how to the three-year project. The objective of the EU project is to raise the efficiency of photovoltaic cells to about 20 per cent. In addition, the plan is to reduce the silicon content from 8 grammes to 3 grammes per watt, by bringing the wafer-thickness from a typical 180 micrometres today down to 50 micrometres. The paramount aim of the project is to ensure that Europe's energy supply can meet future needs and to strengthen the European photovoltaic industry.
"In the photovoltaic sector, too, the trend is clearly towards thin wafers and that is the field we specialize in", says Walter Schober, CEO of Mechatronic Systemtechnik GmbH. "The EU project offers us the opportunity, as a qualified partner, to be present when new technologies start being developed and to feed our accumulated know-how with new products for the photovoltaic market", Schober continues.
The partners in the project are four leading European research institutes – Ecoles Polytechniques Fédérales de Lausanne, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, the National Renewable Energy Centre and the University of Konstanz – as well as the companies Eni, Mechatronic Systemtechnik, Photovoltech, PSE and Q-Cells, all of which contribute to a high degree of expertise in the area of thin solar cells and modules and/or their handling.
About Mechatronic Systemtechnik GmbH
Mechatronic Systemtechnik, based in Villach (Austria) has, since 1998, been developing, manufacturing and marketing specialized machinery for the semiconductor industry and possesses a poduct portfolio, unique throughout the world for handling thin silicon wafers. These thin slices of semiconducting material have applications chiefly in the constantly growing market for entertainment electronics, for example in mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras or camcorders. With its patented thin-wafer handling systems, Mechatronic Systemtechnik offers an absolutely unique feature. The company exclusively exploits the patent for final actuators based on Bernoulli vacuum technology, which was developed in collaboration with Infineon Technologies AG. This means we have a technological lead of at least six years. Our customers include leading international companies like Infineon, NXP, Nikon, ASE and STATS ChipPAC.
Source: Mechatronic Systemtechnik (press release)
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