Cyrium High Performance Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells Drive the SUNRISE Solar Power System

(Nanowerk News) Cyrium Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of multi-junction concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) cells, today announced the incorporation of its quantum dot enhanced solar cells in the CPV solar tracker deployed as part of the SUNRISE (Semiconductors Using Nanostructures for Record Increases in Solar-cell Efficiency) project.
On October 21, 2010 the National Research Council of Canada announced the unveiling and introduction of the SUNRISE solar tracker, installed at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology site in Ottawa, Ontario. For Cyrium, SUNRISE demonstrates that its advanced patented nanotechnology (quantum dots) can be used to enhance the performance of multi-junction cells in CPV systems and enable the delivery of higher conversion performance at higher concentrations.
The SUNRISE project stems from the National Research Council of Canada's research and development efforts to bring clean power generation technologies to Canadians, and is a research collaboration between the National Research Council of Canada, the University of Ottawa, the Université de Sherbrooke and industrial partners Cyrium Technologies and Opel International. The project is funded by the National Research Council of Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and the Business Development Bank of Canada and demonstrates the success that can be achieved when industry, government, and academia work together with a common goal. As the engine driving CPV systems, Cyrium's patented quantum dot enhanced cells (QDEC) were critical to the success and execution of the SUNRISE project. When used in advanced solar modules on dual axis trackers, such as those provided by Opel, Cyrium's QDEC cells enable the system to achieve some of the highest efficiencies in the CPV industry.
"I am very proud of Cyrium's participation in SUNRISE," said Harry R. Rozakis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cyrium Technologies. "Seeing our patented cell technology at the core of the project is exciting not only for Cyrium but also for all of those who see CPV as a viable and cost effective source of solar power. SUNRISE clearly demonstrates how the combination of our unique quantum dot nanotechnology with state of the art solar concentrator and tracker designs can enable cost effective, high efficiency renewable energy generation."
About Cyrium Technologies
Cyrium Technologies, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, is a fabless developer and supplier of Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) cells for the terrestrial solar energy market. Using its breakthrough patented nano-technology, which significantly increases photovoltaic solar cell performance at high concentration, Cyrium has achieved cell efficiencies of greater than 40%. Cyrium's QDEC (quantum dot enhanced cell) product line is designed to deliver the highest possible conversion efficiencies which in turn enable CPV systems companies to achieve the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE). For further information on the company and its products, please visit
Source: Cyrium Technologies (press release)
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