Posted: Oct 29, 2010

Dedicated nanotechnology newswire planned by RIA Novosti and RUSNANO

(Nanowerk News) The RIA Novosti news and information agency, in association with the Russian corporation of nanotechnologies, RUSNANO, is launching an online project to update its audiences on the latest developments in innovative technology. Dubbed "Innovation and Nanotechnology," the project will see the creation of a dedicated newswire and section of highly popular RIA Novosti website (
The newswire will offer news stories about recent advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology, as well as profiles of Russian high-tech companies. It will also provide expert commentaries on developments in Russia's high-tech sector. The most compelling stories will also appear in multimedia section of the resource, complete with photographs, video footage, and infographics.
"We hope this collaborative project between RIA Novosti and RUSNANO will help create an information infrastructure for the nanotechnology industry. Stories detailing current developments written in accessible language are in high demand among the business and research communities, and of course among the general public," said RUSNANO Corporate Director Andrey Trapeznikov.
"The term 'nanotechnology' is a buzzword these days, but that doesn't mean everyone knows what it actually means," said RIA Novosti Deputy Editor in Chief Valery Levchenko. "The ambition behind the joint RUSNANO-RIA Novosti project is to popularize knowledge of innovation and modern technology."
The Innovation and Nanotechnology online resource will carry at least 30 original stories on Russia's high-tech sector weekly. RIA Novosti subscribers are welcome to sign up for this new service.
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