International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative Expands Portfolio with Launch of New Mature Fabs Program

(Nanowerk News) To improve manufacturing productivity, cost and cycle time for a targeted segment of manufacturers in the semiconductor industry, International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), announced today that it has launched a new Mature Fabs program.
ISMI's Mature Fabs program will be dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by semiconductor companies with mature fabs, including cost and productivity pressures, equipment lifecycle management, safety procedures, and logistics. As a part of the new program, members will share key strategies to address common equipment and factory processing issues.
"The addition of the Mature Fabs program is powerful proof of ISMI's commitment to helping semiconductor manufacturers improve factory productivity and cost performance of equipment and factory operations," said Scott Kramer, vice president of manufacturing technology at SEMATECH. "Our diverse knowledge will provide solutions that will allow IC makers with mature fabs to ensure profitability and competitiveness."
Expanding the ISMI Portfolio
To stay competitive in business, mature fab companies must drive innovation in manufacturing efficiency, constantly improving cost and productivity, and extending the life cycle of equipment and fabs over many years and many technology generations. There are continuous cost, productivity, and sustainability pressures, including aging equipment with limited original equipment manufacturer support, as well as limited industry leverage and competitor insight.
To address these challenges, ISMI's Mature Fabs program will offer a suite of forums, councils, and workshops that will bring subject matter experts, device maker managers, and suppliers together to discuss common problems and identify solutions. Additionally, ISMI's benchmarking and best practice forums cover all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing and business operations an offering designed to work particularly well for the mature fabs market segment.
"The Mature Fabs program provides a unique offering of the most effective methods for member companies to access and implement, allowing them to further stretch their resources and attain optimal levels of performance," said Sanjay Rajguru, director of Mature Fabs program at ISMI. "Industry collaboration is critical for staying on top of innovation in manufacturing. The program's membership is international, representing the entire industry and all market segments."
Mature fabs generally support the dominant share of the consumer market's demand for low cost, application-specific semiconductor devices. Typical market segments include analog, mixed-signal, communications, consumer electronics, computer peripherals, automotive, optical, discrete, and MEMs/sensors. Participation in ISMI's Mature Fabs program is open to all semiconductor manufacturers with fabs. Companies can join the new Mature Fabs program without being a full member of ISMI or SEMATECH.
About ISMI
ISMI is a global alliance of the world's major semiconductor manufacturers, dedicated to reducing cost per wafer and ultimately cost per die, through cooperative programs focused on manufacturing effectiveness. ISMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEMATECH (
Source: ISMI (press release)
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