FibeRio Announces Release of Cyclone L-1000: Enables Forcespinning Nanofibers

(Nanowerk News) FibeRio Technology Corporation is announcing the launch of the first ever nanofiber production equipment utilizing Forcespinning Technology at the Filtration 2010 and Materials Research Society conferences in Philadelphia and Boston, respectively, from November 30 - December 2. The Cyclone L 1000 series produces nanofibers with average diameters of 500nm and below and it features solution and melt spinning capabilities. It is the best opportunity to participate in the nanofiber revolution.
Forcespinning™ is an award winning technology that utilizes centrifugal force to spin nanofibers, nanowires, and nanorods. In 2010, Forcespinning™ received the Silver Award at the World's Best Technology Showcase and was recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers as a 2010 Innovation That Could Change the Way You Manufacture.
"As an equipment company, FibeRio is proud to deliver Forcespinning™ to advanced materials researchers and the nonwoven and filtration industries," said CEO Ellery Buchanan. He went on to say that "The Cyclone L-1000 Series is the most versatile nanofiber system ever developed and is the introductory tool for companies anticipating the use of Forcespinning™ at the industrial scale."
The Cyclone L-1000 is designed for the laboratory to enable research and development. With 20,000 RPM, melt temperatures up to 450 and multiple spinneret and orifice sizes to choose from, the full range of Forcespinning™ Technology can be explored. There is no dielectric requirement, such as in electrospinning, so organic polymers, inorganic polymers, metals and conductive polymers can all be processed.
For more information, please call FibeRio at 956-207-5448.
ABOUT FibeRio Technology Corporation
FibeRio was formed to make Forcespinning™ Technology, the next generation of nanofiber production equipment, commercially available for both research and development and high-volume industrial applications such as textiles. Originally developed as an alternative to the electrospinning process of fabricating polymeric nanofibers, Forcespinning™ is so thoroughly innovative that it can also process metals, ceramics, carbon and conductive polymers in the nanoscale all at commercial production levels. Forcespinning™ Technology utilizes centrifugal force rather than electrostatic force. Without electrostatic force, an entire new realm of possibilities opens up. FibeRio is launching the Cyclone L-1000 Series nanofiber research and development systems in December 2010. Subsequent products are being developed for commercial applications that will offer unparalleled levels of production capacity and substrate deposition.
Source: FibeRio (press release)
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