Intermolecular and Elpida Extend Collaboration and Licensing Agreement for Advanced DRAM Technology

(Nanowerk News) Intermolecular, Inc. announced today a new expanded collaborative development program (CDP) with Elpida Memory, Inc., a leading global memory supplier. This new multi-year agreement focuses on research, development, manufacturing process transfer and high-volume yield-ramp support for multiple generations of DRAM technology. This agreement expands existing collaboration between the companies, which have worked together since 2007.
Engineers and technologists from both companies are working together at Intermolecular's High-Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) R&D Center in California's Silicon Valley using the proprietary HPC platform to increase experimental learning cycles by over 100X relative to conventional DRAM development methods. To ensure the efficient transfer of newly developed technologies into high-volume manufacturing, the joint teams are collaborating closely with Elpida's production tool suppliers and their Hiroshima, Japan, production facility.
This engagement represents the most comprehensive collaboration to date between Elpida and Intermolecular. It includes near-term support for manufacturing process integration in 30 to 40 nanometer technology nodes, and future support for more advanced materials, process and integration development for DRAM technologies between 20 and 30 nanometers.
"Over the past few years, Intermolecular's HPC technology and team members have become an important component of our DRAM R&D capability," said Hideki Gomi, director and chief technology officer of Elpida. "We have seen new materials and processes move from early stage development into volume production with remarkable speed, and with significantly lower costs than would have been achieved in a more-traditional R&D model."
"Elpida now makes some of the world's most advanced memory devices, and the fact that we're able to make a significant contribution to their R&D efforts is a source of great pride for our entire company," said David Lazovsky, Intermolecular president and CEO. "This extension agreement is another demonstration of how our HPC innovation platform and collaboration model provide measurable competitive advantage to our customers. The product of our collaborations is accelerated time to market with differentiated, IP-protected technology that our customers have the ability to control."
About Intermolecular
Intermolecular, Inc. delivers High Productivity Combinatorial™ (HPC) technology products and services that enable customers in the semiconductor and clean energy sectors to maximize their R&D ROI. The company's Tempus™ HPC(TM) Platform provides manufacturers and their supply chain companies with integrated processing, characterization and informatics systems that exponentially accelerate learning in materials discovery, process development and IC device integration.
Customers apply Intermolecular's technologies in their R&D projects through Collaborative Development Programs (CDPs) with Intermolecular's multidisciplinary team, through purchase of Tempus platforms, or by licensing of IP developed and qualified by Intermolecular. Leveraging HPC technologies to quickly develop, integrate and electrically test multiple alternative solutions, at minimum cost and risk, customers obtain unique IP and time-to-market advantage.
Founded in 2004, Intermolecular is based in San Jose, California. A more detailed description of the Tempus HPC platforms and information about customer projects are available at
Source: Intermolecular (press release)
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