Nanofiber Revolution: University Researchers Publish First Results - Forcespinning Technology

(Nanowerk News) Researchers at the University of Texas Pan American have published the first results of their work utilizing Forcespinning™ Technology to fabricate polymeric nanofibers and metallic nanowires. The article, which appears in the November issue of the peer-reviewed journal Materials Today, was authored by Drs. Karen Lozano and Kamal Sarkar.
Taking the term revolution literally, Forcespinning™ is a patent pending technology that utilizes centrifugal force instead of hot air or an electrostatic charge to draw submicron fibers from liquid state materials. In the paper, the researchers outline their astounding results including average fiber diameters of 300 nanometers, homogenous fibers, and dramatic productivity increases. Furthermore, they demonstrate the amazing versatility of the technology by processing a broad range of materials from polyesters to biopolymers to pure metals.
"Nanofibers and nanowires have incredible properties and applications in aerospace, filtration, tissue engineering, drug delivery, and nonwovens," says Dr. Karen Lozano. She went on to say, "We found a very unique and simple way to process them that overcame many previous limitations, which enabled a broader range of materials, simple and repeatable results, greater control over fiber diameter, and unparalled productive capacity."
In 2010, Forcespinning™ received the Silver Award from The World's Best Technology Showcase and was recognized as a 2010 Innovation That Will Change the Way You Manufacture by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. The technology has been licensed by the university to FibeRio Technology Corporation, a company that recently announced the launch of the Cyclone L-1000 Series, the first commercially available nanofiber production equipment that facilitates Forcespinning™.
For more information, please call FibeRio at 956-207-5448.
About FibeRio Technology Corporation
FibeRio was formed to make Forcespinning™ Technology, the next generation of nanofiber production equipment, commercially available for both research and development and high-volume industrial applications. Originally developed as an alternative to the electrospinning process of fabricating polymeric nanofibers, Forcespinning™ is so thoroughly innovative that it can also process metals, ceramics, carbon and conductive polymers in the nanoscale all at commercial production levels. Forcespinning™ Technology utilizes centrifugal force rather than electrostatic force. Without electrostatic force, an entire new realm of possibilities opens up. FibeRio currently offers the Cyclone L-1000 Series nanofiber research and development systems. Subsequent products are being developed for commercial applications that will offer unparalleled levels of production capacity and substrate deposition.
Source: FibeRio (press release)
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