RECAM: A New and Innovative Approach for Wastewater and Groundwater Treatment

(Nanowerk News) SA Envitech has launched a bulk production of RECAMŽ nanostructured material. It is the first case in history where a nanomaterial for environmental applications is produced on an industrial scale.
RECAMŽ (REactive CArbon Material) is a highly reactive and crystalline nanostructured material characterized by graphene planes with a particular disposition that give to this new innovative material particular properties in terms of contaminants removal and energy production.
RECAMŽ was invented by Eng. Ivano Aglietto and industrially developed by SA Envitech s.r.l. which is the brand owner and the first world producer of bulk quantities of nanostructured material for industrial purposes.
Actually SA Envitech produces 5 different kinds of RECAMŽ for different energy and environmental applications:
5 different kinds of RECAM
RECAMŽ is hydrophobic, inert, non-flammable, completely stable, and has no negative impacts on the environment. As it is inert it passed all the toxicity tests established by the Italian Ministry of the Environment. No solvents, no heavy metals and no traces of other toxic compounds are present within RECAMŽ, even in ppb.
There are two developed applications of RECAMŽ material and others are in preparation phase:
developed applications of RECAM material
This innovative nanostructured material has particular properties in terms of contaminants removal such as PAH, boron, COD, MTBE, chlorinated solvents, arsenic, phenols, chromium VI, and it is particular effective from wastewater and groundwater remediation.
SA Envitech built water treatment plants in Italy which provide excellent results and is now looking to widespread its technologies on an international level.
Source: SA Envitech (press release)
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