picoSpin, LLC, Announces Launch of World's First Miniature NMR Spectrometer -- picoSpin-45

(Nanowerk News) The chemical analysis technique nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) was revolutionized today with the official launch of the picoSpin-45 NMR spectrometer. Developed by picoSpin, LLC, Boulder, Colo., the shoe-box-size device removes barriers of cost and size, greatly expanding the availability of NMR spectroscopy for a wide range of applications. The 45-megahertz (MHz) picoSpin spectrometer resolves proton chemical shifts with a resolution of 80 parts per billion using a very small sample volume of less than 40 micro liters. The new device is a complete liquid-phase proton NMR system, including permanent magnet, transmitter, receiver, data acquisition, programmable pulse sequencer, Ethernet interface and intuitive web-based control software.
The product is being introduced with a manufacturer' s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $20,000, a small fraction of the cost of traditional NMR spectrometers.
"NMR is the most powerful analytical tool in chemistry," states John Price, Ph.D., president and chief scientist of picoSpin, LLC. Dr. Price says, "We have engineered a product that really changes the NMR spectroscopy landscape. With its low price, compact footprint and true spectroscopic capability, the picoSpin-45 spectrometer enables applications that couldn't even be considered in the past. You can now have an NMR system right at your lab bench. You can deploy multiple units within a factory to continuously monitor process fluids and control them all from a web browser anywhere in the world. Your students can experience NMR hands-on in chemistry lab courses and in their research projects."
To learn more about the picoSpin-45 spectrometer, to request a spectrum, or to contact a picoSpin applications specialist, please visit http://www.picospin.com.
picoSpin, LLC, Boulder, Colo., was founded in 2010 by its Chairman, Charles E. Miller, together with a team of scientists and engineers. The mission of picoSpin is to develop, manufacture and market miniature NMR spectrometers. Mr. Miller is also Chairman of Instrutech, Inc, of Longmont, Colo, a manufacturer of vacuum instrumentation, and was formerly President of Engineering Measurements Corporation, also of Longmont, Colo., a manufacturer of fluid flow instrumentation.
Source: picoSpin (press release)
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