Ultra Mixing and Processing Facility (UMPF) Choose CPS Disc Centrifuge to Aid Fluid Processing Research at the Nanoscale

(Nanowerk News) Analytik are pleased to announce that the Ultra Mixing and Processing Facility (UMPF) based at the University of Liverpool has selected the DC24000 Disc Centrifuge from CPS instruments Europe to further support their development of industrial scale processing tools for nanotechnology products.
The UMPF, a unique high energy fluid processing laboratory, is accessible to both private and public sector industries/academies for contract research into scalable liquid dispersion processes. The UMPF gives direct access to the latest technology for the development of nanomaterials for a broad range of applications including medical, personal care, food, paints, detergents and lubricants.
The Operations Manager, Dr Michael J. Egan, describes the UMPH as 'focused on providing a service to industry at the forefront of high energy dispersion techniques… spending 50% of its time in focused research collaborations with industry and academia. The UMPH actively promotes the collaboration of its customers with other areas of the University'.
For the characterisation of emulsions and nano particulate solutions at the UMPH the CPS Disc Centrifuge offers an alternative to more 'traditional' light scattering techniques or optical microscopy given its flexibility in particle size range, and the number of sample types available for analysis. The CPS DC24000 delivers routine ultra high resolution analysis of nano particle populations down to 2 nm and differing in size by as little as 2%. Researchers now have the ability to compare sample measurements across multiple platforms including DLS and Zetasizer, CPS DC, SEM and optical microscopy.
For more information on the DC24000 from CPS Instruments Europe go to http://www.analytik.co.uk/ or http://www.cpsinstruments.eu/
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Source: Analytik (press release)
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