Keystone Nano Awarded Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project

(Nanowerk News) The National Institutes of Health and the IRS have granted Keystone Nano a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Award that provides funding to further develop the company's nanoparticles technology for the enhanced treatment of cancer. This is the third federal award supporting the development of Keystone Nano's NanoJacket technology. Keystone Nano has also received support from five corporate partners, the Ben Franklin Partnership, and the Keystone Innovation Zone.
NanoJackets are small (30nm), colloidally stable, bioresorbable and distinct. NanoJackets can encapsulate cancer and fluorescent compounds inside the nanoparticle. Testing indicates that NanoJackets both protect and enhance the effectiveness of encapsulated compounds by delivering them directly to desired locations, such as tumor sites.
Jeff Davidson, CEO of Keystone Nano notes "Keystone Nano welcomes the QTDO grant and looks forward to further developing improved nano-based treatments for cancer". The World Health Organization reports that 7.5 million people died of cancer in 2008. Keystone Nano is committed to improving the effectiveness of cancer therapies by employing sensible nanotechnology can save lives and improve the patient's quality of life both during and after therapy.
Keystone Nano is based in State College and Hershey, Pennsylvania working at the interface between nanotechnology and the life sciences. Keystone Nano has licensed intellectual property around nanoparticles from Penn State University. The company is working to commercialize NanoJacket products for a variety of medical and industrial applications.
For more information about Keystone Nano, visit or call 814-237-4657.
Source: Keystone Nano (press release)
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