Russian Nanotechnology Corporation publishes corporate brochure

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANO, The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies was established in 2007 to realize government strategies in nanotechnology and infrastructure for innovation. The organization has now published a 60-page corporate brochure that describes its activities and investment criteria.
RUSNANO supports commercialization of scientific and technological developments in the nanoindustry and coordinates innovative work to promote advances in the field. In addition to investing financial resources to establish high-technology production, RUSNANO works to create a legislative framework and infrastructure in technology and finance to take Russia's nanotechnology industry into the future. Once each year, in Moscow, it conducts the International Nanotechnology Forum.
The success of the corporation's efforts is to be measured in two objectives for 2015: the value of nanoproducts produced by project companies in which RUSNANO coinvests will reach or exceed 300 billion rubles; the aggregate worth of the entire Russian nanoindustry's output will reach 900 billion rubles.
RUSNANO is the first of the Russian Federation government corporations to be reorganized as an open joint-stock company. That change will make us more comprehendible and more attractive to business, primarily to potential coinvestors in our projects
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