CTi and Desmet Ballestra Expand Worldwide Exclusive Technology License and Distribution Arrangement

(Nanowerk News) Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTi) announced that n.v. Desmet Ballestra Group s.a. (Desmet) and CTi have entered into a new global technology license, marketing and collaboration agreement with respect to CTi's proprietary Nano Reactor™ technology. The new agreement replaces the worldwide license and distribution agreement signed by the parties in January 2010 and substantially expands the license and authority that Desmet will have in marketing CTi's nano reactor technology in the field of vegetable oil treatment, processing and refining.
The new agreement follows months of testing and evaluating "pilot" nano reactor systems installed by CTi and Desmet at U.S. vegetable oil refining facilities. This program confirmed the potential value of CTi's Nano Neutralization™ process, a new commercial application of CTi's technology geared to certain vegetable oil refining processes.
According to Roman Gordon, CTi's CEO, "Data from our pilot program allowed us to measure the economic benefits Nano Neutralization can generate for oil refiners. Based on these results, we realized immediately the importance of expanding our relationship with Desmet in order to make our technology available to the vegetable oil refining industry on a worldwide basis. We believe that, as one of the world's leading engineering firms in the design and construction of processing and refining systems in the natural oils and fats industry, Desmet is uniquely positioned to assist CTi in developing and marketing our nano reactor technology in this area."
Under the new agreement, Desmet has been granted a worldwide exclusive license to design, install and integrate into vegetable oil refineries nano reactor systems that will deploy the Nano Neutralization™ process and other liquid processing solutions developed for the oils and fats industry. CTi and Desmet are currently in the process of rolling out a marketing program that will make the Nano Neutralization™ process available to vegetable oil refiners in the U.S., Europe and in South and America.
CTi is a technology research and development company engaged primarily in the development of environmentally clean Nano Reactor™ technologies and liquids processing applications and solutions in various fields and industries, including natural plant (vegetable) oil processing and refining; renewable fuels; petroleum refining and petrochemicals; water and wastewater treatment; and the food and beverage industries. For additional information please visit: www.ctinanotech.com.
Source: Cavitation Technologies (press release)
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