Diamon-Fusion Nanocoating Applied to Eco- Architectural Design in Latin America

(Nanowerk News) Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced today its patented, award-winning Diamon-FusionŽ coating is being applied to an innovative floating house design by FLOTEK in Argentina, charged with the ecological development of floating buildings and devices for wetlands all across the great Parana River basin and other fluvial systems in Mercosur. The project, designed by Eco-Architect Jorge Luis Rico, utilizes award-winning Diamon-FusionŽ nanocoating on the glass windows, solar panels and other silica-based surfaces of floating homes, hotels, bungalows and more. This project is the first FLOTEK home prototype in Latin America, matching international standards for floating devices and buildings, similar to those constructed in countries such as Holland, Canada and the US.
Designed with sustainability as a key factor, these eco-friendly floating homes are ideal for flexible territorial ownership alternatives in areas where rising water concerns and seasonal flooding issues exist along rivers, lakes and lagoons in the wide and varied geography of South America, such as in Argentina's littoral region, and worldwide. Through DFI's patented nano-coating process, the treatment creates a water repellent effect which enables ease of cleaning and protection against environmental elements, hard water stains, scratches, abrasion, and more, considerably reducing the costs of maintenance to the facade. The Diamon-FusionŽ nano-coating is optically clear, and does not affect the natural reflection of the glass exterior.
"FLOTEK is addressing the maritime residential challenges people have faced for decades, by providing an eco-friendly solution to seasonal flooding issues," commented Guillermo Seta, executive director of DFI global operations."We are pleased to see our award-winning Diamon-FusionŽ nanocoating applied to this ground-breaking project and the benefits it offers to these littoral regions. It is always refreshing to see architects appreciate the multiple benefits of utilizing Diamon-FusionŽ coating as a climatic protective barrier under such innovative designs."
"Given the nature of the design and that the homes are floating on water, we saw an enormous opportunity for the Diamon-FusionŽ nanocoating to address the unique maintenance needs of this distinctive architectural design," added Jorge Luis Rico, Chief Architect and Founder of FLOTEK. "By treating all silica-surfaces with Diamon-FusionŽ, we are reducing the need for cleaning and protecting the glass from harsh environmental and marine elements now and in the future."
For more information on the award-winning DFI restoration, protection and maintenance products available, please visit www.diamonfusion.com or call + 1 949 388-8000, toll-free (800) 213-0793.
Source: DFI Nanotechnology (press release)
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