SiEnergy Systems To Present Recent Breakthrough in Nanometric Thin Film Fuel Cells

(Nanowerk News) SiEnergy Systems LLC, a Harvard spin-off company commercializing a novel solid oxide fuel cell using nanometer scale oxide thin films, is pleased to announce that Principal Scientist, Masaru Tsuchiya, will be presenting at the Materials Research Society's (MRS) 2010 Fall meeting to be held next week in Boston, MA. Dr. Tsuchiya will discuss SiEnergy's recent breakthrough in nanometric thin film micro-solid oxide fuel cells on Thursday December 2nd within the Symposium on Next-Generation Fuel Cells.
SiEnergy Systems recently made a breakthrough in scaling power output of ultra-thin film low temperature micro-solid oxide fuel cells. The patent-pending technology utilizes micro-fabricated robust grids for scaling up the active area to arbitrary dimensions depending on total power needed. The new structure allows ultra-thin fuel cell membranes to span a distance that is 100,000 times its thickness while maintaining mechanical stability and high power output.
"One of the key challenges for commercialization of silicon based micro solid fuel cells has been the scaling of the power generating membrane active area while retaining high power density" says Dr. Tsuchiya. "We overcame this challenge with careful control of thin film process parameters, and novel device architectures. The fabrication process is robust with the yield over 90%, easily transferable to a MEMS foundry."
According to Dr. Shriram Ramanathan, a founder of SiEnergy Systems and Associate Professor of Materials Science at Harvard University, "We are thrilled with this breakthrough. We believe this is a major step forward in practical realization of nanostructured solid oxide fuel cells."
With the rapid growth in power consumption in portable electronic devices in recent years, fuel cells have gained interest as mobile power sources. Fuel cells provide higher total energy for a given size or weight than batteries and can be replenished instantaneously. SiEnergy's approach to integrate solid oxide fuel cells directly onto silicon platform could revolutionize the way people use mobile power devices.
SiEnergy is seeking investors and industrial collaborators to develop fuel cell stacks to target high end commercial and military mobile power applications.
About SiEnergy Systems, LLC
SiEnergy Systems is a privately held startup company formed by Allied Minds, Inc. to commercialize proprietary micro solid oxide fuel cell technology developed at Harvard University. The technology uses inexpensive micro-fabrication methods to create SOFCs with nanometer scale electrolytes that operate at low temperature, and are scalable to meet various power requirements. The "Silicon Energy" reduces the size and cost of SOFCs, and brings their use in mobile energy applications within reach.
About Allied Minds, Inc.
Allied Minds is a U.S. capital investment firm with offices in Boston and Los Angeles. With over $200M in assets, the Company creates startup businesses based on early-stage technology developed at renowned U.S. universities and national labs, and serves as a holding company that supports these businesses with capital, management and shared services. Allied Minds is the premier firm to utilize this novel and fully integrated approach to technology investing. The Company's subsidiary investments span multiple business sectors and offer an attractive risk-return profile, a deliverable timeline and potential products that will be groundbreaking in their respective fields. These subsidiaries include BA Logix, Biotectix, Cephalogics, CryoXtract, Illumasonix, ProGDerm, Precision Biopsy, Purtein, RF Biocidics, SaltCheck, SiEnergy Systems, SoundCure and Spin Transfer Technologies. For more information, please visit
Source: SiEnergy Systems (press release)
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