sp3 Diamond Technologies Announces Three-Phase, 380V Integrated Power Supply CVD Diamond Hot Filament Reactors

(Nanowerk News) sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc. (sp3), a leading supplier of diamond products, equipment and services, today announced the ability to ship its Model 655 (single-chamber) or Model 665 (dual-chamber) hot filament CVD diamond reactors with an integrated power supply that complies with local 380V three-phase electrical systems. The availability of the lower-voltage power supply (342 to 440 VAC) facilitates the adoption of CVD diamond in manufacturing by eliminating the need for customers to use step-down transformers to implement sp3's diamond deposition systems in certain countries.
"Given the global nature of manufacturing today, a company's ability to offer products that allow direct, local power connections is a critical requirement for adoption," said Dwain Aidala, president and COO of sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc. "sp3 has worked with a power supply manufacturer to provide integrated 380V in our Models 655 and 665 systems supplementing our existing 480V (396 to 528 VAC) supply and allowing us to now ship systems that can be implemented virtually anywhere in the world without any customer power adaptations required. This capability is key to further establishing the viability of CVD diamond as a material of choice and expanding our customer base for our CVD diamond deposition systems."
The new electrical supply targets Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as European countries including Italy, Belgium, France, Sweden, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom, among others. sp3's hot filament diamond deposition reactors are already used in manufacturing of cutting tools. Other key markets that are rapidly moving towards full commercialization of CVD diamond include chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pad conditioners, diamond-coated electrodes for water treatment and diamond interlayers on semiconductor wafers.
sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc.
sp3 Diamond Technologies provides CVD diamond deposition reactors and diamond-based solutions for electronics thermal management and enhanced cutting surfaces to companies worldwide, across a broad spectrum of industries. By supplying wafer-scale diamond-on-substrate products and services utilizing nano and microcrystalline diamond morphology, sp3 is expanding the commercial reach of polycrystalline CVD diamond.
sp3 understands diamond and manufacturing equipment, as well as the cost, reliability and quality needs of its customers. In addition to running its own CVD diamond manufacturing facilities, sp3 is unique in selling its hot filament CVD reactors so customers can manufacture their own CVD diamond in-house.
Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, sp3 Diamond Technologies is a subsidiary of sp3 Inc., a privately-owned, full service provider of products and services relating to thin-film diamond deposition and thick-film polycrystalline diamond materials. sp3 Inc. and its operational units have deposited diamond on over one and a half million cutting tools and completed more than 18,000 successful diamond deposition runs. For more information visit http://www.sp3diamondtech.com.
Source: sp3 Diamond Technologies
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